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Hello everyone!

I am Kenda Moreno and I am a mortgage loan specialist with a highly trained and successful team located in Poulsbo Washington. As a lender in Kitsap County, I understand more than most the importance of building strong and diverse communities. In Kitsap County, we have Kitsap County we have the largest proportion of vets in its population (17%). 

As a lender, I was thrilled to learn of the HFH rewards program. Not only does HFH Guarantee the Most Hero Savings Among All National Programs. On average most heroes save at least $2,400 when they buy or sell a home with HFH.

When you add up savings from real estate agents, loan officers, title companies, home inspectors, and other everyday deals, the savings is way beyond what you’ll get from other national programs.

To make this rewards program even more exciting I can share with you that the heroes served by this life-changing program are Firefighters, EMS, Law Enforcement, Military (Active, Reserve & Veterans), Healthcare Professionals, and Teachers.


Here is a link to the full details on the HFH heroes website.
Read about the HFH Rewards program

Be sure to reach out to my team for support to ensure your opportunity for savings in complete.


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